100% Natural SEA SPONGE

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100% Natural Sea Sponge. Ionian Sea Honeycomb kind. Premium Quality.

Hand-picked, hand cleaned and sun dried.

Unbleached and unprocessed.

This is Authentic SFUNGA Sponge. Certificate of authenticity is included inside the box.

SFUNGA sponge is extremely soft and gentle to your skin. Its daily use promotes healing due to its deep exfoliation properties. SFUNGA sponge releases sea salts and minerals into the skin, promoting healing and making it stronger to combat environmental pollution and UV exposure. Your skin will be visibly softer, healthier and more radiant.

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Use for daily face and body wash.

Ideal for people with sensitive skin, babies, children, pregnant women, sensitive surfaces and washing of pets. Can be used as all natural feminine hygiene tampon, facial make up removal tool, deep exfoliation and ideal for application of body oils and lotions.

SFUNGA sponge can last on average of 7 years of daily use if sanitized and cared for properly (see enclosed instructions).


The box designed by ENIKEOROS

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