E n i k o O r o s z * ENIKEOROS – audio visual artist & designer
L a s z l o N e m e t h * NLooP – ceramist & designer

We are Hungarians with a mediterranean soul who were always looking for a place where we felt more at home than ever.
When we came to Corfu – visiting a friend – we felt it was something different. We said: yes, we need to be on this island, yes we need to be surrounded by the Ionian sea, yes the air is very familiar.
Since that visit we couldn’t think about anything else than coming here. Now we are here and we feel finally, we’ve arrived.
Our brand name FIRSTHING&NOEL reflects us. Firsthing refers to any „first thing” that is always unique and unrepeatable. Noel is coming from our monogram.
You are welcome at any time of day to come in, look around and say hello in our work/shop.



Living with art;
Art is living.
Art is for everyone.
Art is affordable.

Everyone has their hidden artist inside. It’s just up to you to find it, and hand over the knowledge to your kids.To see objects differently again, to see behind an object, to see the man,the creator. Producing our own object is unique and unrepeatable. That carries our soul, our marks with it. This is what a mass product can’t do. Mass production destroys something essential. Machines produce products without soul and cause unemployment. Let’s bring back to our everyday life the esteem of objects from the era of our grandparents. When something broke they fixed it instead of quickly changing it for a new one.


  • Art is watching and acting differently.
  • You can be an artist.
  • Anyone can be.
  • Unique and unrepeatable


My name is Eniko Orosz, I'm a visual artist. I paint, do photography and videos and creating art objects. I grew up in Hungary, a country with no access to the sea, but was always dreaming about living close to sea. I just had to be in everyday contact with the blue, with its endless world, with its fragrance. I understood that locals who are used to this scenery do not produce art which incorporates the sea water, since they don't need to take it home with them - unlike me, who always wanted to capture its essence through my art. Something I can take home with me, something that anybody can take home even after a short holiday on this magical island. With my art you'll be able to pack in your bags a bit of the taste, the feeling of the sea. 
My art is simple, by living here I learnt to live, to observe and to enjoy. I am sharing my love for Corfu and its sea, my walks, my life, my art. Corfu gave me a passion for life, freedom and beauty. It is an endless blessing that I am surrounded by such beauty and joy. I hope you can feel this when you are looking at my works.ű

Laszlo Nemeth / HUNGARIAN, born 1965 
ceramist artist & designer

When I was a child, I had often thought that it must be great for artists, living around the world, having an adventurous life. Although I had never thought that it could happen to me too. And so it did, and sometimes I can't even believe it. I had became an artist and I live here, in Corfu, on one of the many beautiful Ionian Sea's islands.

     I am inspired by lights, colours and surfaces in my works.
     I like clean-cut shapes, I often build in just found items into my creations.
     I like it, if my works are cultural records of past ages, but at the same time they're modern and progressive.
     I like the metallic effect, also corroded, dingy surfaces.
     I like if it shows on my works that it was made by hands, not by machines.
     I like to believe that with my art, I can create a kind of intergenerational, long-term appreciated objects, that we used to find in our childhoods in our grandma's cabinet.
     Last but not the least, I hope that my works can bring a bit of a taste of the mediterranean lifestyle to your home.




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