Laszlo Nemeth / HUNGARIAN, born 1965 
ceramist artist & designer

When I was a child, I had often thought that it must be great for artists, living around the world, having an adventurous life. Although I had never thought that it could happen to me too. And so it did, and sometimes I can't even believe it. I had became an artist and I live here, in Corfu, on one of the many beautiful Ionian Sea's islands.
     I am inspired by lights, colors and surfaces in my works.
     I like clean-cut shapes, I often build in just found items into my creations.
     I like it, if my works are cultural records of past ages, but at the same time they're modern and progressive.
     I like the metallic effect, also corroded, dingy surfaces.
     I like if it shows on my works that it was made by hands, not by machines.
     I like to believe that with my art, I can create a kind of inter-generational, long-term appreciated objects, that we used to find in our childhoods in our grandma's cabinet.
     Last but not the least, I hope that my works can bring a bit of a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle to your home.



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